Clachan Primary In Museum Garden, Wild Escape 2023

Events and Exhibitions

In partnership with LiveArgyll, CHARTS works to increase access to heritage through public engagement and community outreach at Campbeltown Museum, which provides a safe and warm space for events, workshops and exhibitions.

Since 2022, CHARTS has enabled new events, exhibitions and projects with the support of LiveArgyll staff and The Friends of Campbeltown Museum.

'Since our Campbeltown Museum partnership with CHARTS began to develop the museum’s capacity and help build reputation, I have been hugely impressed with the level of expertise, professionalism, and accessibility that CHARTS provided in relation to the fine art, social history and natural history collections. Kathleen and her team have been a delight to work with to grow audiences and project partnerships. I very much look forward to the liveArgyll and CHARTS partnership continuing.' - Robert Judge, Operations Manager, liveArgyll


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Past Events, Exhibitions and Workshops

Remembering Together Stage One Community Workshop

27 September 2022 


Seachdain na Gàidhlig (World Gaelic Week) Cearcall-Cànain 

25 February 2023 


The Wild Escape Schools outreach and visits 

March - April 2023 


CHARTS Wild Escape Family Fun Day 

22 April 2023


Cuairt Chaluim Chille // Touring St Columba Opening Event 

9 June 2023


Tracking Native Oysters Over Time: Their Use as Gaelic Place-names

8 August 2023