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19 th March
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An Eye on the Street - the work of David Peat

Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of street photography by award-winning cameraman and documentary film-maker David Peat. Showcasing images from his Eye on the Street an...

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From: 19th March

To  : 18th April

Cowal , (Dunoon Burgh Hall)

10:00AM, Friday

4:00PM, Sunday


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31 st March
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Conversation Pieces

An online curated collection of paintings, collages, and writing on the theme of dialogue/conversation/discourse as it threads through my work. Bring a coffee or your lunch, sit down, and browse!...

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From: 31st March

To  : 31st March

Bute , (Lynne Cameron Artworks)

5:00PM, Wednesday

5:00PM, Wednesday


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