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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions which can help support you to use the CHARTS Directory. 

How do I join?

Anyone who works or has an interest in culture, heritage and arts in Argyll and the Isles can join CHARTS. Register here. Fill in your profile to let other members know who you are and what you do.  Remember to tag the areas you work in e.g. archeology so that when people search for these areas of work, your profile appears.

How do I add my events?

Once you have registered you can add events; these might include Conferences and Talks, Consultations, Masterclasses, Professional Development Opportunities, Workshops, Exhibitions, Training, Networking or simply a social event. Uploading images, dates, times and places help people find out about your event more easily. 

How do I find opportunities?

You can find opportunities here. You can filter opportunities through type, for example; Residency, Awards & Competitions, Business Support, Open Call, Commission, Consultation, Funding & Grants,  Jobs, Tenders, Voluntary and Training. You can also filter by area for example Crafts or Cultural Policy.

If you require support to apply for a CHARTS opportunity please contact

How do I appear on the map?

If you want to appear on the map of the CHARTS Network, simply tick the box in your profile settings, Show on map? Make sure you remember to add your postcode and save any changes.

How do I access resources?

You can access a variety of resources available on the website by downloading them onto your computer as PDFs or word documents.  Access to these resources is free.