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About Charts

The CHARTS network was conceived through the desire to create a sustainable future for the Culture, Heritage and Arts sector in Argyll.

It has been developed through Creative Scotland’s Place Partnership Programme, with additional European funding secured through the Leader programme.

Through extensive consultation with the sector and a 2 year programme of delivery, CHARTS is now a registered, membership-led charity (SCIO) which  aims to:

Our Funders

CHARTS is funded by Scottish Government, Argyll & Bute Council, Scottish Rural Development Programme, Argyll and the Islands Leader, The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Creative Scotland.

Our Structure

As a membership body, the CHARTS structure is three-tiered:

1) The CHARTS Board of Governance is informed by the CHARTS membership.

The role of the board is to support best regional cultural, arts and heritage practice to advantage educational, social and economic impact. The board aims to increase resource to enable progress and to highlight the regional, national and international capacity of the culture, heritage and arts sector in Argyll and Isles. This will include the ongoing provision of a high quality interactive, public and member orientated, website, and to support the sector through collaborative events, projects and meetings, sector training and member informed fundraising initiatives.

2) A Steering Group represents Argyll and Isles membership, to the CHARTS Board.

For purpose of research and development during the Council, LEADER and Creative Scotland supported Place Partnership (2017-2019) a Steering Group was recruited in a voluntary capacity from nine geographic Hub areas. This geographic format is now undergoing informed transition to incorporate core creative industry bodies in Argyll and Isles.

3) Development and Associate project staff, support member services

The Board currently commissions a Development Manager, Associate Youth Arts staff member and a Communications Coordinator. Professional supports are anticipated to increase, depedent on demand and available resource.

The Development Manager, supports all area development and membership services with report directly to the Board. All Associate project staff report to the Interim Development Manager, acting on behalf of the Board.

Current staffing is supported by Argyll and Bute Council, Creative Scotland and Cashback for Creativity.

Argyll and Bute Council also support the board, by single member representation in an ex-officio capacity.

Jo McLean (Chair)
David Price
Ellen Potter
Seymour Adams
Councillor Jim Anderson

Our policies

Child protection policy
Conflict of interest policy
Complaints procedure policy
Environmental policy
Equalities and diversity policy
Support policy
Vulnerable adults policy

Our Partners and useful organisations

CHARTS works collaboratively with a number of key funders and organisations who help support and inform our direction; 

Creative Scotland 
Argyll and Bute Council  
Highlands and Islands Enterpris
Wild About Argyll 
Business Gateway 
Bòrd na Gàidhlig 
Argyll and the Islands LEADER Programme