Cuairt Chaluim Chille // Touring St Columba Tour Launch at Campbeltown Museum 9 June 2023

Cuairt Chaluim Chille // Touring St Columba

Cuairt Chaluim Chille // Touring St Columba

On loan from Donegal County Museum, Ireland, Cuairt Chaluim Chille // Touring St Columba launched its year-long tour at Campbeltown Museum on the 9th of June, 2023, the Feast Day of St Columba. 

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As part of the exhibition, Campbeltown Museum organised multiple events and workshops to provide interactive engagement with Campbeltown's temporary exhibition on Colmcille.

One of our favourite events was the CHARTS hosted embroidery workshops in October 2023, aimed at children and families and an embroidery skillshare for experienced sowers and adults. These workshops were held at Campbeltown Museum and hosted by artists Kirstie Campbell and Aoife Cawley, who worked closely with CHARTS staff Khara MacPhail and Muriel Mackaveney to plan and prepare the sessions. 

In these workshops, Aoife and Kirstie used art as a tool to engage participants in the exhibition and wider museum collection. 

Kirstie Campbell used her extensive experience working with children and running embroidery and craft workshops, which was obvious through her teaching and guidance throughout the sessions. Whilst  Aoife Cawley used her knowledge of the Irish language, mythology, folklore and embroidery and design to interact with the public and to teach participants and other staff, about Colmcille. 

Both artists came prepared with a variety of tools and materials to help participants of all abilities in these sessions, such as needles, embroidery hoops, thread and fabrics, as well as a tracing table, Irish and Colmcille inspired designs to trace or colour, and pom maker, and books for inspiration. 


Cuairt Chaluim Chille // Touring St Columba is created by Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly, Argyll and Isles (CHARTS), supported by Argyll and Bute Council. This bold partnership between Argyll and Ireland is made possible with joint support from Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Foras na Gaeilge to further build relationships between Gaelic speakers in Ireland and Scotland grown during the themed year Colmcille 1500. This CHARTS project will include workshops and events with opportunities for Irish and Scots Gaelic artists and cultural practitioners to participate.