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Reflect | West Argyll Arts & Community Commission

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Deadline Date


Creating Spaces of Memory and Reflection in Argyll and Bute 

Interest invited from Oban, Lorne & Isles and Mid-Kintyre & Isles 


Proposals of small and large scale welcome 

Commissions available - either 1 commission to maximum £15k or 2 small commissions at £7.5k 


Fee: Scottish Artists Union Rates will be applied

Duration: The project will end in July/August 2024


This work will include 2 key stages:

  • Design, Development, Delivery
  • Community Celebration of Achievement: Our Community Reflects


Reflect is an exciting opportunity for artists or practitioners to work collectively with local communities to support the delivery of Remembering Together in Argyll and Bute (2023-2024). Submissions are welcome from artists working in partnership with local community/heritage gardens, arts & heritage trails and/or development trusts to design and build areas for memory and reflection.

Reflect builds on the outcomes of the first phase of the Remembering Together consultation carried out in Argyll and Bute by Lateral North, where the majority of participants noted the importance that the outdoors and natural environment played in supporting the mental health of our communities during the pandemic.


Reflect has a two-fold approach:

One: the creation of new spaces for reflection/artworks at a total of four distinct sites

Two: The celebration of achievement to take place on Our Community Reflects Day, July/August 2024


Commissions are available in the following areas:

Oban, Lorne and Isles and Mid-Kintyre and Isles 


For further details and information about how to apply, please see the job description.

Job Description


Deadline: 5.00pm, 17th November 



Should Community travel/access and hospitality support be included in my own budget proposal, or are these additional funds that will be available in addition to the total 15,000? 

Each project will receive: 

Community travel/engagement access £1,500

Hospitality, Our Community, Reflects Day £1,500

Early maintenance of works £1,000

Each project will also receive in-kind development and communications and marketing support.

This and any other potential assistance will be further discussed with shortlisted candidates at interview.


For anyone interested in applying but without a partner garden or artist, get in touch at

Remembering Together is funded by the Scottish Government and Greenspace Scotland alongside local partners Argyll and Bute Council and CHARTS.