TIDES digital music festival 2022 (1)


TIDES is an ambitious digital music festival partnership between Live Argyll and CHARTS, funded by Creative Scotland, and managed by producer, Iain Maclean of Myplayer Media. Our first TIDES digital music festival took place in March 2021 which helped to address the challenges musicians living in Argyll and Bute faced as a result of the pandemic. 

This year’s TIDES will once again celebrate a diverse range of independent musicians and groups from across Scotland. 

Recording for TIDES 2022 took place at The Corran Hall in Oban on 19 February, to see a sneak peek of behind the scenes and get to know some of our musicians visit Myplayer.

Join us virtually on 3 March at 7pm for TIDES https://www.chartsargyllandisles.org/events/tides-digital-music-festival-2022/