Cuairt Chaluim Chille Ìle St Columba Travels To Islay Opening, Islay Gaelic Centre, Diane Cannon , 27Th October, Credit CHARTS (1)

Cuairt Chaluim Chille / Touring St Columba, Cultural Exchange

Read about Sean-Nós Singer Diane Cannon's experience of joining CHARTS for the launch of Cuairt Chaluim Chille / Touring St Columba at Campbeltown Museum and Ionad Chaluim Chille Ile and find out about the cultural exchanges happening between Ireland and Scotland.


Embarking on my many journeys to Scotland as a Sean-Nós Irish traditional singer affiliated with CHARTS has been a deeply enriching experience. CHARTS, an organisation devoted the desire to create a sustainable future for the culture, Heritage and Arts sector in Argyll, provided me with a platform to bridge the musical and cultural ties between the Scottish and Irish Gaelic traditions.

In the heart of Scotland, my performances resonated with the unique cadence of Sean-Nós, a style celebrated for its ornamentation and emotive storytelling. Being part of Cuairt Chaluim Chille has allowed me to explore the intricate threads that connect Scottish and Irish Gaelic music, unearthing shared historical narratives and cultural nuances. The resonant tones of the Irish language, intertwined with traditional melodies, served as a bridge between the Celtic traditions, forging a deeper understanding among communities.

One highlight of these trips was the opportunity to engage in collaborative projects about St Colmcille, creating a harmonious fusion of Irish and Scottish elements about the story of Columba. These language and musical collaborations were a celebration of linguistic diversity and a testament to the shared heritage that unites these vibrant traditions. 

I feel a sense of accomplishment in preserving and promoting the rich tapestry of Gaelic heritage. The trip to Scotland became a cultural pilgrimage, strengthening the bonds between Irish and Scottish communities through the universal language of music and storytelling. In this collaborative endeavour, I am honoured to be a cultural ambassador, contributing to preserving and revitalising our shared traditions. The sense of pride in being part of CHARTS and contributing to the cultural exchange left an indelible mark on my identity as a Sean Nós singer.

Diane Cannon 


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