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Katie Harris-MacLeod


Isle of Mull

My name is Katie Harris-MacLeod. I am a Visual Artist & Photographer. I am currently based on the Isle of Mull, Argyll & Bute. My creative practice is essentially focused on the concept/s of rurality and the psychogeography of place. It is integral for my practice to be living and working in a rural context. My work is about my connection to the landscapes and seascapes of Scotland, in particular Argyll & the Isles. This connection creates a poetic dialogue between the artist, landscape, performance & practice of the wild. My work conveys collations of family narratives, repetition and a discourse between multiple generations, entwined with subtle nuances of folklore, femininity and isolation. Key words: #Progressive focussing #Heritage #Human memory in Terrain #Psychogeography of Place #Rituals and presence of death in West Coast culture and society #Systems of symbolism and representation #Site-Specific #Land-Art #Art and the Environment #Cultural politics #Identity/ Language #Folklore #Ogham Alphabet (each letter named after a tree) #Walking as practice #Walking as Art #Walking as Poetry #Mythological narratives #nature of memory #story telling #Island as studio/ Landscape as studio/ Seascape as Studio #Physical experience of the terrain; connecting people to place and to each other #Lorne/ Argyll as a territory of pilgrimage #Eilean Nan Ban | Island of Women #Concepts of landscape in cultural history and myth #Mass grave of female skeletons #Rurality

My Showcase

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Bròn (sorrow), Cyanotype made from sand, salt & plastic gathered from a beach in the Outer Hebrides (close-up).jpg