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Katie Harris-MacLeod


Isle of Mull

Katie Harris-MacLeod is a multidisciplinary Scottish Australian contemporary artist.

MacLeod’s work is deeply connected to nature, the psychogeography of place, Ecofeminist thought and the symbiotic exchanges experienced throughout the life cycle. Nuances of folklore, multiple generational narratives, femininity, loss and isolation are all present within her work. These narratives are then recorded through a poetic exchange between the artist, landscape, performance, and practice of the wild; allowing a deeper understanding of her transitory belonging.

MacLeod graduated from Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, Scotland in 2017 with a BA Honours in Contemporary Art Practice. Shortly after graduating, she was awarded a mentorship and residency placement on the Muir is Tìr sailing residency funded by SAIL BRITAIN and AN LANNTAIR, where she and a group of artists sailed across the Minch making site-responsive works and presenting artist talks to rural Hebridean communities.

MacLeod has lived and worked across the Hebrides of Scotland and the rural Highlands of Argyll, each landscape and its people becoming a palimpsest of memory and time. She has been awarded a wide variety of international study tours and residencies across Scotland, Ireland, France, and most recently, the ecologically diverse landscape of South East Queensland, Australia.

Her work can be found in private collections across Europe and Australia. Most recently, in Eumundi’s contemporary House of Local Art, where a selection of her Tree Mother drawings can be viewed (upon request).

Key words: Conceptual Art, Site-Specific, Multi-Disciplinary, Narrative, Culture, Folklore, Human memory in terrain, Psychogeography, Collaboration, Inter-woven, Land-Art, Activism, Performance, Language.

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8.Katie Harris-MacLeod, 'Tree Poem - I', Bloodwood Sap Pigment on tissue paper, 14.81 x 21.01cm, Acrylic Frame, 2020.jpg
9.Katie Harris-MacLeod, 35mm photograph of Stress Exchange Ritual, 2021.jpg
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Bròn (sorrow), Cyanotype made from sand, salt & plastic gathered from a beach in the Outer Hebrides (close-up).jpg

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