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A Topography for Reflection

Posted by Katie Harris-MacLeod


Outside of Argyll & the Isles


09/10/2021 05:00 - 24/10/2021 05:00


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A series of watery provocations…

Recomposed as a watery amphitheatre, Lake Weyba becomes both protagonist and platform for a series of performative exchanges, where interior, virtual and exterior landscapes merge. In this fluid setting artists Katie Harris-MacLeod and Bianca Tainsh will present a series of seven performances of ritual and score that converge live art and techno-digital culture, creating a friction between the traditional and the contemporary.  

In this multi-layered project the artists will subtly respond to Weyba’s natural and cultural timescape. At the same time experimental, playful and spiritual, the performances will explore the relationship of human body and water body, by transcending into the material and spiritual landscape.  Land art, feminine response and the techno-human relationship with nature will be influential themes, but Weyba will have final say, directing the mood through the elements – light, wind, rain.

But there is a twist… each act is framed for the production of an art film.  Through yet another lens A Topography for Reflection abstracts the experience of genre, metaphor and time.


Floating Land Festival 2021 , Lake Weyba , Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. , 4562 (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia) ,

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