'Tree Spirit - I', Scoor Schist, Salt, Bloodwood Tree Sap, Cyanotype and Copper Oxide Ink on Cotton Rag Paper, 20x20cm, 2023 .jpg
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Fon Uachdar/Beneath the Surface

Posted by Katie Harris-MacLeod


Outside of Argyll & the Isles


14/07/2023 16:00 - 28/07/2023 16:00


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14th to 28th July 2023 | Curated by Jon Macleod | Opening event: from 4pm Friday 14th July 2023

Fon Uachdar/ Beneath the Surface 

In this series of drawings MacLeod explores notions of deep time, the more-than-human, bodily memory, identity and fidelity to place. Nuanced layers of memory trapped inside her body, adrift and fragmented finally begin to pour out. Ghostly beings ebb and flow in symbiosis, forming one continuous line. Rocks, minerals, sea salt, lichens and tree sap gathered from specific landscapes in which MacLeod defined herself by, are used to draw and map the beginnings of the process of letting these memories and places go.  


Hulabhaig, Baile na Cille Church, Timsgarry, Uig, HS2 9JJ,

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