Donald MacDougal, 2022, Argyll Aspires

Opening Heritage Doors for Young People

Opening Heritage Doors for Young People

Argyll Aspires is a CHARTS led project in collaboration with Dunollie Museum, Castle & Grounds, Auchindrain Historic Township and Argyll Estates. This is an innovative apprenticeship and training scheme that helps to create jobs for young people in the region.

The project  offers opportunities for young people so they can live, work and remain in the region and to help the partner heritage venues to prosper, opportunities to include: 

  • Care for collections
  • Curate displays
  • Promote heritage
  • Assist researchers
  • Gain qualifications 


Argyll Aspires is hosting three entry-level positions including a Museum & Galleries Practice modern apprentice at Dunollie Museum, Castle & Grounds; a Cultural Venue Operations modern apprentice at Auchindrain Historic Township, and an Archival Trainee at Argyll Estates. These placements were designed to support young people including those who have limited access to further education and employment. You can find out more about each project below

Each heritage organisation will bring young people into their sites, helping them to develop skills and understand the employment opportunities available in heritage. Lasting longer than traditional work experience placements, these 12-month or longer placements will help young people to grow in confidence and to learn new skills. 

In addition to the three work placements, Argyll Aspires will create an exhibition at a public venue on the Isle of Bute, based on the collections of The Argyll Collection and curated by secondary school pupils from Rothesay Academy. The Argyll Collection is a group of 173 artworks established as a learning resource for young people. The exhibition will provide school pupils with access to heritage professionals and produce a learning resource which other children throughout the area can benefit from. 


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