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Individual Development Plan

Posted by Jaime Bradley




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Leadership is one of the most important things, which create appropriate conditions for human future lives and career prospects. Therefore, holding high positions surely provides with money, respect, and opportunity to establish the suitable rules. Moreover, preparation for being a leader is a long way and, before it starts, it would be better to list some strategies, steps, and devise a plan, in order to accomplish the future objective. However, it is not one of the easily attainable skills amongst the other. As a result, many people have problems with achieving their goals due to the lack of leadership competence and I am not an exception. Fortunately, I am a very hard-working person and I would like to enhance the desired feature. John C. Maxwell argued, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. Accordingly, this quote will be my inspiration for a long time during implementation of the drafted plan, and this paper will outline my scheme as well as provide competencies, which are necessary for leadership development.

At the very beginning, one needs to calculate his/her personal available characteristics and make some efforts to build a complex, which consists of them. It will be the main power for acquiring new skills. For example, if an individual has the interesting and extraordinary thinking as well as the desire to be competent in many spheres, a combination of both factors will lead to confidence and respect. Thus, certainty is one of the components of being a leader. Moreover, I should develop enthusiasm to studying and learning fresh information to take the initial step on my road to leadership. It will be the first point of my plan. Without any doubts, laziness is the main hazard, which usually damages fundamental attempts. People should force themselves to fight against it and persuade themselves that the more they study the more interesting it will get at the end. Motivation is also an integral part of success.

Famous quotations of sobersides or well-known results of a big event after a long way towards reaching a particular aim will inspire and help to overcome idleness. Consequently, one will get the inspiration to explore new books, sciences, and additional materials. The second subsidiary factor is like-minded personalities. When there is no power or desire to go further these individuals will provide support because they are interested in this person’s wishes and tastes. Furthermore, the process of studying in groups is more exciting and fascinating. Additionally, new thoughts and ideas will help to enrich experience, literacy, and competence. The third important feature, which contributes to maintaining interest in learning, is a social one. In other words, proficiency in a couple of fields at the same time and literacy are the most popular professional skills demanded by employers while hiring new specialists. If one is uneducated and has no inclination to obtain the degree, he/she will not find the job.

Therefore, these people have no respect and cannot aspire to take the proper social place in the modern world. All the above-mentioned reasons will assist in implementing the first step of my scheme namely becoming competent expert in many areas of interest.

Secondly, I should develop my eloquence. Proficiency and literacy, the initial stage of the plan, will facilitate completing the primary part of the second one – the ability to speak oratorically. Rich vocabulary, which is the most important issue in being eloquent, is the result of hard studying and reading books. The second part is phonetically correct pronunciation since people will understand the way of one’s thoughts only if the accent is good and one speaks clearly. Consequently, I should do different phonetic exercises every day to enhance the way I hold forth and pay attention to grammar. Therefore, sentences should be correct and coherent with each other. Under these circumstances, there is also an enormous supporting role of the first step of the personal program. The last part of being eloquent is to improve and develop memory. Prominent political leaders deliver their speeches without any papers and rely only on their remembrance.

As an example, the most illustrious MLK’s monologue “I have a dream” became one of the longest. The third step is generating confidence and reaching respectful attitude of the people surrounding me. Two previous items of the plan are the fundamental features of the last one. Moreover, not all individuals can transform competence and eloquence into self-assurance. Hence, the public will not listen to the leader if the latter is unsure of his rightness. Of course, he may be very wise and deliver perfect addresses, but he does not generate confidence, which inspires subordinates to follow him. Furthermore, the community would like to replace him into another one who will fulfill their needs and win some respect. For this reason, one should be active and sociable from an early age. Therefore, participating in sports classes and histrionics would be a great method to develop assertiveness. In the meantime, one should kindly treat others to create the positive first impression.

Accordingly, the society will adopt the necessary attitude, and in case of making important decisions, one will be the first person who will be approached to ask for help. Altogether, an individual who has inspiration to improve himself and overcome all difficulties is going to be a real leader.

To summarize, the personal plan consists of three points, which I have to enhance and develop every single day. An effective strategy will be elaborated having analyzed all the aspects. However, this scheme is not very easy to initiate, so I should be diligent and purposeful in achieving my desired aim. Laziness and other obstacles will be surmounted by means of motivation, like-minded people, and individual fundamental features. Gradual implementation of the program will assist in combining all the issues I need for increasing my leadership skills.