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Gaelic Language Plan Creative Scotland

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Gaelic language is an intrinsic part of Scotland’s culture and creativity.

It influences and shapes our literature, our music, our art, our film and TV, our festivals, and all aspects of our collective creative activity both in terms of Gaelic’s heritage, but also in terms of its energy and future potential. Our vision, supported by the actions set out in this Plan, is that Gaelic’s vital role in Scotland’s culture and creativity continues to be recognised, to grow and develop over the coming five years, supported by the work of Creative Scotland (including Screen Scotland).

Creative Scotlands Plan will build on the achievements of their two previous Gaelic Language Plans. The actions set out in Creative Scotland's New Plan will also support the delivery of the National Gaelic Language Plan 2023-2028, which is also currently in development by Bòrd na Gàidhlig, and the Scottish Government’s ambition to see an increase in the numbers of people speaking, learning, and using Gaelic in Scotland.


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