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REFLECT builds on the outcomes of the first phase of the Remembering Together consultation carried out in Argyll and Bute, where the majority of participants noted the importance that the outdoors and natural environment played in supporting the mental health of our communities during the pandemic.

REFLECT links four projects currently under way in Argyll, with artists working in partnership with local communities, heritage gardens and development trusts to design new spaces and artworks for memory and reflection.



Garelochhead, led by Emma Henderson at Centre 81

Isle of Mull, Aros Park Historic Walled Garden, by Somewhere/Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

Isle of Bute, Luke Winter working with Sawa Project

Campbeltown Museum, Linda McCartney Memorial Garden, led by Kirsten Millar and Muriel MacKaveney


Project Summaries:

Garelochhead Centre 81, led by artist Emma Henderson

Emma Henderson is an artist and educator with a background in design and printmaking. Her practice explores heritage crafts, technology, ecology, and community. For REFLECT, Remembering Together, Emma will work with communities around the Garelochhead area, particularly those who access the community space and garden at Centre 81, to co-design a space for reflection and remembering. 

Centre 81 is a Community Centre in the village of Garelochhead. It serves the local and wider community of Helensburgh and Lomond, ensuring that activities and services are open to all. 

Emma Henderson has drawn inspiration from the National Museum of Northern Ireland’s quote as a starting point: ‘While we have a shared past, we don’t have a shared memory’; Emma’s project aims to ensure that all feel empowered to tell their stories, share experiences and express their ideas so that together we can create a collective space for reflection and remembrance. This will be achieved by using colour and pattern to transform participants' memories and stories into a visual language to create their own lasting tribute in the community garden. 


Mull, Aros Park Historic Walled Garden, by Somewhere/Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

Somewhere is a long-standing collaboration between award-winning artist / film-makers Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie, known for their diverse work across documentary film and community-based public realm projects.

For REFLECT, Remembering Together, Nina and Karen will work with the former walled garden of Tobermory's Aros Park, interpreting this now re-wilded space for shared reflection and conversation. They plan to collaborate with artists, gardeners, residents and the Aros Park Historic Walled Garden Group, a local collective working to breathe new life into the garden. With the legacy of the pandemic underscoring the importance of inclusive outdoor space, Somewhere will inventively re-deploy natural materials found in the garden, encouraging intimate engagement with the garden's flourishing biodiversity.

This project offers Mull residents a chance to reunite and reflect on the pandemic whilst also shaping the future of a community space. 


Rothesay, led by Luke Winter​​

Luke Winter is an artist, story writer and teller with a strong ethos of socially engaged practice. For REFLECT, Remembering Together, Luke will create opportunities for celebration and gratitude in public spaces through the power of words, promoting positivity and reflection within the Bute community.

The project will involve engaging community members, including members of Sawa Project, a group of local New Scots, in conversations about reflection on recent years, including the Covid pandemic. These reflections will be captured on reflective surfaces and integrated into temporary illuminated shrines and permanent installations in community gardens. 

In addition to fostering reflection, this project aims to promote cross-cultural understanding and inclusion by providing opportunities for diverse community members, including refugees and New Scots, to share their experiences and contribute to the project.


Campbeltown Museum, Linda McCartney Garden, led by Artist Kirsten Millar and Project Facilitator Muriel MacKaveney

For REFLECT, Remembering Together, lead artist Kirsten Millar and project facilitator Muriel MacKaveney are co-creating a new sculptural sundial to be placed in the Linda McCartney Memorial Garden at Campbeltown Museum, in collaboration with the McCartney Memorial Trust. Inspired by Lady Linda McCartney's legacy and the challenges of the pandemic, the Reflect Project proposes installing a sundial to complement the existing memorial garden. This initiative aims to foster intergenerational dialogue, knowledge exchange, and imagination within the community. 

The project will involve collaboration with community groups such as Kintyre Care Centre and Woodlands Residential to co-design the installation. Additionally, Lori and Giai Silvan will lead creative environmental workshops for local primary schools, and sundial expert Alastair Hunter will deliver talks, further engaging the local community and gathering reflections and memories to be incorporated into the final work.

View their online sundial talk below (April 2024)



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REFLECT, Remembering Together is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Greenspace Scotland in partnership with Argyll and Bute Council and the Culture, Heritage & Arts Assembly, Argyll & Isles (CHARTS).

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