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Tacit Tacit

Tacit Tacit was established by designer, researcher and social enterprise consultant Hannah Clinch in 2018. The company specialises in design and co-design processes that create products, services and solutions that have a positive social impact, reduce environmental harm and nurture inclusivity. We work with a wide range of clients and creatives to develop projects that engage people with place, pioneering initiatives such as Dunoon Goes POP and We Are Building A Beach Hut to involve people in practical workshops to learn about making and heritage whilst exploring sustainable development. Tacit Tacit is based in a new shop and workspace in Dunoon called the POP shop. The space has been designed in collaboration with local freelance and home-based workers, structuring work around care and giving people the space and opportunity to explore ideas in a supportive environment.

Dunoon is a small town on the Cowal peninsula. It is not always an easy place to get to, but it is a brilliant place to live and raise a family as it is a safe and healthy environment. It is also a great place to spot rainbows between the frequent downpours. Like many small towns on the West Coast of Scotland, Dunoon is described as having a fragile, rural economy, one that is very dependent on tourism. As a design practitioner, environmentalist, and feminist I am interested in how wealth can be built in the community by tapping into the diverse range of people, ideas, stories and natural assets that are present in this community but are often hidden. Being a designer in a rural context can be isolating. Design as an industry gravitates towards the urban and there are few networks of support that focus on design in a rural context. However, I think design has an important role to play in rethinking how we improve and grow rural towns like Dunoon. I think places like this need to develop by embracing our ageing population and the social, environmental and cultural capital inherent within close knit rural communities. I stay here to work as this challenge fascinates me and fuels my creativity.