Out of Argyll, 2022 Credit: Deb Wing, Over The Sea To Skye

Deb Wing

My aim, as an artist, is to portray the Scottish landscape in a way that confuses the viewer, so they are unsure whether they are looking at an original print or a painting. I am a member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists, have exhibited with the Scottish Royal Academy and have worked in private collections across the world.

I create original Linocut prints, carving out detail from blocks of Lino and mixing inks that I press onto high-quality, 100% cotton paper. I work in very small, varied editions from 8-20 prints and frequently change the palette used to create a completely unique feel on each print. I use only the three primary colours and black and white when creating the hues and tones to reflect the local environment (a challenge I love). Often called 'destruction printing' the Lino is completely destroyed in the process of making an edition, so designs can never be replicated.

The Scottish landscape, and Argyll, in particular, has become deeply embedded in my creative being. The grandeur of the landscape and the power of the sea can be overwhelming, but my work often portrays them in a more fragile light - a fragility most of us are increasingly aware of. The depth of colour in the changing seasons and the rapidly changing light each day provide a constant challenge in my work. I feel part of a strong artistic community in our local area - which is so important when a lot of time is spent working on prints in my studio with our cats for company!