Stone & Surround by Val O'Ragan, 2022, Credit Val O'Regan

Valerie O’Regan, VACMA

Valerie O’Regan, VACMA Argyll and International

Valerie O’Regan has been a CHARTS member since 2019. This has allowed her to promote work on CHARTS website through access to an artist's profile page, where she has uploaded new exhibitions, events and showcased her work. Valerie was awarded a VACMA (2022) and CHARTS has been a supportive resource for guidance with the application process, while the CHARTS team provided ongoing advice and support throughout the delivery of the award. This digital support and network systems provided by CHARTS were vital to Valerie's success with VACMA.

CHARTS support has been vital to supporting Valerie's ongoing research and exploration into photography and printmaking. The funding has directly enhanced Valerie's understanding of materiality, processes and techniques which are fundamental characteristics of her practice. Valerie has also developed her research and technology skills by accessing online resources, such as archives. CHARTS support has also enabled her to connect with artists globally through digital engagement such as social media and online workshops. Supporting Valerie's practice has given her confidence to apply for further opportunities to show her work such as open calls, curated exhibitions and residencies. These digital relationships and opportunities such as CHARTS online membership are vital to sustaining artists’ practice in rural areas.  


“The funding has given me the confidence to risk take and trust my intuition, working with materials and techniques that I would not have considered because of their cost and unchartered outcomes. It has been such a challenging couple of years with Covid and having such positive support from CHARTS has given me real focus and confidence in my practice. The opportunity to apply for VACMA with the support of CHARTS has developed new possibilities locally and allowed me to share and promote my visual art from my Argyll context to audiences further afield, nationally and internationally.” Valerie O’Regan



Stone and Surround,  a Multi-layered and toned print with natural earth pigment found on Sandy beach, Innellan, Val O’Regan