Walking Bear Landscape, by Lesley Burr, 2021, Credit Lesley Burr

Lesley Burr, VACMA

Lesley Burr, VACMA Argyll and Glasgow

Lesley was supported by CHARTS through VACMA, where she received support which allowed her to purchase experimental print-making supplies-inks, print papers, rollers, gelli-plate, and travel to workshops and use the workshop at Glasgow Print Studio to produce new prints. 

Lesley was supported to develop her creative practice at a crucial time following an art residency undertaken in the Arctic. This support was crucial as it allowed Lesley a period of production in her studio at Lochgilphead during the Covid-19 lockdowns. This period of production and reflection meant that when Glasgow Print Studio’s workshop re-opened Lesley was able to access facilities and produce a new body of monoprints without the additional costs of purchasing art materials and travel. 

CHARTS and VACMA have supported Lesley in the production of over 50 prints. This body of artwork produced using the materials and tools has contributed to securing 2 upcoming exhibitions at Stirling Smith Museum and Dunoon Burgh Hall in 2023.  The completion of a body of artwork has indirectly resulted in artwork being selected for RSA annual exhibition, the Royal Academy Edinburgh and the RA Summer Exhibition in London in 2022

Access to specialist print-making supplies allowed Lesley to have a period of experimentation, with fresh creative approaches that helped to invigorate her art practice, following her Arctic residency and working throughout a global pandemic. Through CHARTS Lesley has been able to establish and grow connections with staff and artists at  Glasgow Print Studio. Developing these networks is key to supporting rural-based art practitioners.  

Working in and with Glasgow Print Studio workshops has allowed Lesley to reconnect with the artist network, resulting in increased visibility of her work leading to it being shown nationally and being selected as Feature Artist (May 2022). 


‘The award supported my creative practice. It felt so exciting to be able to buy and experiment with new print supplies. This has been so fruitful creatively, resulting in over 50+ new prints and upcoming exhibitions and is much appreciated.’ Lesley Burr


Image: Walking bear landscape, 42x59cm, 2021