Installation of  Joan Eardley, Dunoon Burgh Hall, 2022, Credit Dunoon Burgh Hall

Jenny Hunter Dunoon Burgh Hall, Heritage Horizons

Jenny Hunter Dunoon Burgh Hall, Heritage Horizons, Dunoon

CHARTS applied for and succeeded in gaining funding for this Heritage Horizons project. This funding provided a member of staff from the Charts team who secured two placements for the project – young people who contributed significantly to the research and interpretation of the exhibition. This was a unique opportunity for the Burgh Hall and involved collaborative working between Dunoon Burgh Hall, CHARTS, and three local authorities. Amy and Jack were a huge asset to the project, and it was great to welcome them into Dunoon Burgh Hall.

The exhibition was a significant coup for Dunoon Burgh Hall – the creation of a unique display of Joan’s work contributing to the overall JoanEardley100 initiative with galleries and collections across Scotland.  

Without the support of Charts, and Madeleine Conn, from The Argyll Collection, this project would not have taken place in the way it did. We would not have been able to work with two extraordinary young people who undertook significant research into the life of Joan Eardley and created interpretation panels unique to this project. We now have long term research which we can share with partners and funders as part of the contribution to the life and work of Joan Eardley as a legacy to this project.


This exhibition brought together work from across Joan Eardley's life, showing as members of the viewing public noted:

“Fantastic collection and so well presented!”

“A different aspect to Joan Eardley’s work than I have seen before, well done!”

“So vibrant and alive! The small exhibition complements the paintings of Glasgow too.”

“Fab exhibition, so nice to see in this lovely space.”


Those contributing to the exhibition included; CHARTS, Pat and Ann Samson, Jennifer Binnie and the Lillie Art Gallery, ED Leisure and Culture, Trish Robins and Andrew Graham of Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery, West Dunbartonshire Council, Isobel McDonald and Jo Meacock of Glasgow Museums, Glasgow Life, Glasgow Museums Photo Library, Image Licencing, National Galleries of Scotland, The Marzaroli Estate, Jane Walker, Alice Strang and Patricia Fleming of SWARN, Glasgow School of Art Archives, National Libraries of Scotland, National Galleries Scotland Archives, Live Argyll Archives, Hannah Clinch of Tacit Tacit, Jan Patience, Anne Morrison, Madeleine Conn, Jack McElroy and Amy Johnstone.