Brooch 2020 Silve, 18Ct Gold, Stainless Steel by Dot Sim, Credit Dot Sim

Dot Sim, VACMA

Dot Sim, VACMA Isle of Tiree

Dot Sim is an island artist working with traditional gold and silversmithing techniques and received VACMA and CHARTS support (2022).  With VACMA Dot was awarded partial funding to attend a five-day intensive course on Fold Forming with Paul Wells at The Goldsmith’s Centre in London


‘CHARTS supported me to attend a brilliant course in London. This experience will feed into the development of my work through the long dark winter months.’ Dot Sim


CHARTS supported Dot to develop her technical skills by undertaking a Fold Forming course at world-renowned University Goldsmiths.  During this time, Dot was able to explore wire scoring metal - a relatively new technique that creates fluid organic sculptural forms in metal without the use of soldering or welding. This course was extremely intensive, and geared towards experienced makers, which allowed Dot to grow her material knowledge at a faster pace than she could have by undertaking a longer course.


‘The Goldsmiths Centre is a hub of excellence for the jewellery and silversmithing community and being there for five days was inspiring in itself.  I also had the chance to meet, network, and learn from other makers, which was a very important part of the experience, especially living and working as remotely as I do.’ Dot Sim. 


The knowledge and experience of these techniques have opened up a range of new possibilities for development work by Dot, who will now be able to explore these new skills over the winter period in her studio on Tiree. 


Image: Wave Bangle  2021 Silver, 18ct gold, credit Dot Sim