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Take the Plunge - Peer support, mentoring and networking for women starting new businesses in Dunoon and Cowal

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Take the Plunge is for women living in the Dunoon and Cowal area who have new enterprising ideas. We are keen to work with women who are finding starting a businesses challenging because of care responsibilities, health or rural challenges. This support runs from Jan - March 2024

What’s involved?

Our peer-support programme runs from January to March 2024 and includes: 

  • Access to flexible desk-space at the POP shop for a few hours each week.

  • Mentoring from other women in business.

  • Tailored one-to-one support from a range of business people in our community.

  • Attendance at regular networking sessions to meet others doing business in Dunoon.

  • Promotion of your new business.

Does this sound like it’s for you?

Spaces are limited. Register your interest by 20 December here>



What is Dunoon and Cowal Coworks?

Dunoon and Cowal Coworks is a partnership between POP Shop Enterprises CIC and Dunoon Community Development Trust to create a community of support around you and your business in Dunoon and Cowal. 

Our regular meet-ups are for people who are running or starting up a new business, including freelance, home-based workers and people structuring work around care. Hosted by Dawn Petherwick of the Soulful Living Academy, these informal sessions give you a space for networking and to find support from other people running businesses in Dunoon.

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Join the Dunoon and Cowal Coworks Facebook group. This group nurtures an online community of support for people running or starting new businesses in the Dunoon area. 

Supported by Dunoon Community Development Trust and POP shop enterprises CIC, this group is nurtured by the Soulful Living Academy.

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