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Scottee & Friends Ltd are an arts organisation that create work across lots of different contexts and art forms across the UK. Their work is often about marginalisation and in response to increasing public abuse towards the LGBTQIA+ community are putting resources to 10 national meetings for collective thought, activism and agenda. Queer and trans* makers and artists from across the UK are invited to come forward and suggest a location for 1 of the 10 meetings - help will be provided to orchestrate a space for these to happen and each meeting given £100 to provide refreshments and offer support to those who may need travel assistance. An agenda and opening statement can also be given to get the conversation rolling. Are you a maker? Do you want to host a meeting on 1st July at 7pm? Are you an artist / producer / maker and want to attend? Are you a building / space / institution who could host a meeting on 1st July? Drop Scottee a line at