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Project Manager | Growing Global Networks

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Duration: 30 Days

Fee:£200 per Day


CHARTS is currently recruiting for the role of Project Manager, Growing Global Networks. This position has been designed as part of a new pilot project, Growing Micro Networks for Global Exchange, to help our members identify routes to market and promote products and projects for national and international interest.

Growing Micro Networks for Global Exchange will be launched in June 2023. The project manager will oversee all aspects of project coordination, including researching and co-developing new opportunities for our members with colleagues. The role of project manager will include working closely with CHARTS members and the core staff team. 


For further details and information about how to apply, please see the job description.


Job Description


Deadline: 5pm, 8th May 2023


Growing Global Network is funded by Creative Scotland, with support from Argyll and Bute Council, Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Scottish Government.


Image: Map from Alberto Fortis, Travels into Dalmatia, 1778, Commissioned by the Earl of Bute.