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Film Production Commission - Our Community Reflects Day

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Deadline Date


CHARTS invites interest from filmmakers/production companies to develop project highlights and live stream our community reflects day, due to take place in July/August 2024. Our community reflects day will celebrate new spaces for memory & reflection across Argyll and Bute as part of REFLECT, Remembering Together Stage 2.

Fee: Maximum £7,000


The available film/recording and production commission will include a live stream of 4 community events for ‘Our Community Reflects Day’, highlighting new artwork/places for reflection and memory and capturing the achievements of participants and their many stories yet to unfold.

This will include meeting and collaborating with lead artists working in partnership with local community/heritage gardens, arts & heritage trails and/or development trusts based in 4 locations across Argyll and Bute. Locations to date include Bute, Campbeltown and Garelochhead.


For further details and information about how to apply, please see the job description.

Job Description


Deadline: 5.00pm Monday 19th February 2024


This CHARTS opportunity is part of Remembering Together, supported nationally by Greenspace Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government, to encourage the creation of artworks/events and spaces for healing, memory and reflection in recognition of the impacts of the pandemic. This project is made possible in Argyll and Bute by CHARTS’ collaboration with Argyll and Bute Council (Communities).