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Equity Diversity and Inclusion Co-Design Day – Lead Facilitator

Posted by Jane Sillis




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Equity Diversity and Inclusion Co-Design Day - Brief for Lead Facilitator 

Deadline for receipt of proposal Wednesday 30th  August 2023 12 noon 


Engage Scotland, a prominent membership organisation in the creative and cultural sector, seeks the expertise of a Lead Facilitator for a Co-Design Day with stakeholders in Scotland.  This brief outlines the key objectives, scope of work, and desired qualifications for the consultant. 


The objective of this project is to design and manage an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Co-Design Day for the visual arts sector in Scotland. The aim is to facilitate a collaborative process that will co-design a project to develop and enhance aspects of EDI within the sector. This initiative intends to foster inclusivity, address systemic biases, and create opportunities for marginalised communities to thrive in the visual arts.  

This work is managed by Engage Scotland on behalf of Creative Scotland and with advice from the Engage Scotland Development Group. The programme is funded by Creative Scotland.  

This work follows on from the Not Going Back to Normal report and research - 

We have sent out a call for participants for the Co-Design Day. The date for this will be decided with the appointed person and will most likely be in Glasgow.  

You can read more details here (link to website listing with full brief) 


Timeline: August– October 2023  

- September: Planning and Organisation 

- September: Participant Engagement and Outreach 

- October: Facilitation and Co-Design Process 

- October / November: Documentation and Evaluation 

- October / November: Project Development  


Budget and Submission 

Interested consultants are requested to submit their proposals, including a cover letter, CV or references to other similar work, methodology, timeline and budget to by Wednesday 30th August at 12 noon.  

If you wish to include details of an additional facilitator and a creative documenter in your proposal please do so, as otherwise their appointment will be undertaken by Engage Scotland.  

If you have any questions regarding this brief, please direct them to, addressed to Sarah Robinson Frood, Engage’s Scotland Coordinator.