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Be part of the solution: learn to Green Map in the Dunoon Area

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Deadline Date


Be part of the solution, Green Map Dunoon training is looking for participants. 


Green Map Training Dunoon will give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the digital Green Map Platform.
  • Understand Green Map making and how to use the Green Map platform and icons.
  • Meet people from your community.
  • Work with others to explore what sustainable development means to people living and working in the Dunoon Area.
  • Learn about local biodiversity and sustainable living resources in the Dunoon area.
  • Gain digital, creative and collaboration skills.


There are a total of 8 places for Green Map Making Training Dunoon.  4 places are paid at a living wage level and target young people and people on low and unstable incomes who might find it difficult to volunteer their time. The other 4 places are for organisations based in the Dunoon and Cowal Area that are interested in community engagement with climate change and social justice.

Training will begin in March and will require a commitment of 12 hours over 6 weeks starting on Friday, 3rd March. There will be 4 in-person sessions and 4 online sessions. Please note that Flexible learning can be arranged.


Deadline 17th February 5pm

To apply, complete our online expression of interest form here or drop into the POP shop, 28 Hillfoot Street, to pick up an application form or email:




Do I need any skills or equipment?

  • A basic level of computer literacy and access to an email account.
  • A laptop and mobile would be useful, but we can look into loaning equipment if you don’t already have it.
  • You will need access to the internet, but we can provide you with space at the POP shop if you don’t have the internet at home.


What is a Green Map?

A Green Map is a map created by local people. Green Maps use local knowledge and the visual language of the Green Map icon system to collate and categorise data onto a map.


The process of creating a Green Map is collaborative and adaptable. Making a Green Map prompts local knowledge exchange and conversations about the tricky issue of climate change and what solutions look like at a local level.


What goes onto a Green Map?

Green Map highlights sustainable assets like green spaces, charity shops, biodiversity spots, unique cultural sites, green energy producers and bike lanes, and local environmental and social challenges such as pollution spots, flood risk areas, or dangerous roads. 


What is the Green Map Platform?

Green Map Platform is a free Open Source digital mapping tool that can be used by communities to create and publish digital maps.


Green Maps made using the platform can be created and shared quickly and easily. You can manage a team of map makers using the platform and do things to get your community involved in your Green Map project, like design and upload your own map icons, deploy a Green Map survey to crowdsource data from your community to add to your map, publish a new webpage to host your map or embed your map into an existing web page.


What will I get out of this training?

The training is designed to introduce you to Green Map making and the Green Map Platform so you can independently make your own maps.

Sustainable development is complicated. To help us figure out what sustainable development means in a Dunoon context, local people will be leading a series of talks and walks exploring themes such as: biodiversity and cultural heritage.


If you have any other questions, please email, and we will get back to you!


Green Map Dunoon Training Project is developed and delivered by POP shop enterprises CIC - designing local solutions to climate change.

Supported by Inspiring Scotland by the Scottish Government Rural and Island Communities Idea into Action Fund, Dunoon Area Alliance and CHARTS.