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Life under Lockdown for visual artist Lizzie Rose and wildlife photographer Philip Price

We had just finished our new studio, next to our home in Ardfern, about a month before Lockdown. It has been so lucky for us to have this space, particularly just now. We have 7 year old triplets so our home went from one of relative peace to full on home school and general chaos overnight.

It would be fair to say that we have hidden in our studios on occasion over the last three months.

Having young children has helped us create a routine and work schedule as we have split childcare between us and focused on work the other days. For Lizzie this probably extended the hours she works, as Philip is normally teaching and guiding at this time of year, usually her day is bound by school hours.

We decided about a month into lockdown to set ourselves the goal of doing an exhibition in our new studios and to make this virtual so that we could share this, whatever the social distancing guidelines at the time.

Having an exhibition has given us the time and space to stop and think about what we are doing. It is time for reflection about work made and work to come. Its also about reconnecting with others, an audience, and a chance to have dialogue about our work.
Our children think the audience is for them: a chance for them to chat non-stop to anyone who visits!

You can view both our exhibitions at

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