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Get Involved with the Great Outdoors

We have all been locked Up or Down to varying degrees for a very long time now.

My personal response to this was to create fantasies through photography, constructed to tell a story of surviving pandemic lockdown on a Scottish island. What better way than to interact with all the glorious nature on my doorstep in Argyll, and bring this nature into my home in a series of pandemic lockdown “alternate reality” photo composites?

The photographic triptychs explore the benefits of engaging with the natural environment for mental and physical wellbeing during the pandemic.

The series is on show at Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum in Australia. But anyone anywhere can Get Involved with an interactive element to the show.

We’d love you to head outside, and then go to our Get Involved page, to post a photo for us to enjoy. It can be in your garden, in the park, at the beach, up a mountain … it doesn’t matter. We’d love to see your images. 

Growing scientific research shows a strong link between time spent in nature and reduced depression, independent of exercise. Furthermore, of note if you are near the seaside, according to Bioscience Engineer Emmanuel Van Acker at the University of Ghent, seawater contains microbiota and biogenic molecules, which could affect human health more than previously realised. Research found that seawater in the air interacts with human genes to slow development of lung cancer and cholesterol.

So join the fun, stay healthy, and Get Involved at https://www.facebook.com/groups/291527819338907/

For more information, a video artist talk, and some sample photos from the show head to https://www.judithparrott.com/my-corona or to https://www.facebook.com/JudithParrottPhotography to find a selection of scientific research articles about the benefits of engaging with nature.

Judith Parrott.