Ralph Cowan, From Darkness To Light

From Darkness to Light

Aye, the nights will soon be drawing in, you can pull your in chair, my father would announce the last Saturday of every July, to the crowded sitting room of my grandmother’s house. Fresh from the delights of Tarbert Fair Saturday, we would stomp up the big brae to granny’s to relay to thrills of “The Rocker”, the near misses on the dodgems, and eat granny’s filled rolls and cakes. Although my dad’s announcement was laughed at, he was in fact always right, and the nights did indeed begin to draw in.

This week, now in the depths of midwinter and on the eve of the longest night, Ralph Cowan’s From Darkness to Light reminds us that soon the days will lengthen, the snowdrops will begin to push through the soil, and a New Year will begin. From all those involved in The Argyll Collection, we hope you are looking forward to the lightness ahead and wish you all the best for 2024.

Kirsty MacNab, Research Manager