Hannah Clinch Craft Central 2022

From Argyll, With Love

It is that time of year again when you want to get something unique and handmade and support Local. Do not fear. Here is a range of festive gifts made by CHARTS members that make the perfect gift to carry in hand luggage or send by post!


Deborah Gray

Deborah is a textile artist based in Oban who works with natural materials, using hand spinning, natural dyeing, knitting, hand stitching and botanical printing. 

Deborah has a variety of hand-made products for sale online, made of upcycled fabrics and paper that have been botanically printed or naturally dyed using plants grown or locally foraged in Oban.

These range from Eco prints starting at £7.15 to Eco Print Silk Scarves at £45.00.

You can purchase these items at www.maisiesemporium.co.uk



Hannah Clinch

Hannah Clinch is a designer and researcher with a background in social enterprise and environmental activism based in Dunoon. Hannah has designed a collection of printed  #random jumpers. The designs and the print process used to make the patterns on the jumpers are inspired by the work of artist, textile designer and teacher Robert Stewart. Stewart lived in rural Cowal from the 1960s until his death in the mid-1990s. Throughout this time, he was a prolific creator and innovator, producing work using various techniques. He travelled from his home at the top of Loch Striven by car, boat and train to Glasgow to teach at the Glasgow School of Art. These jumpers are a homage to his life in design and commitment to the rural Cowal peninsula.

#random jumpers are individually printed jumpers made using brightly coloured hand-cut shapes. 

Prices up to £50.

You can purchase #random jumpers at https://www.tacit-tacit.co.uk/random-jumpers



Helen Butler

Helen Butler, better known as H2o Designs, got into art to help with her recovery from major brain surgery “to control my epileptic seizures, and this is the inspiration behind some of my work.”

Helen works with a variety of mediums and scales. Her smaller-scale projects include wooden plaques, wood-burning pictures, key rings and greeting cards. Her larger items include paintings and jigsaw puzzles. 

You can purchase Helen's work at www.h2odesigns.co.uk.



Valerie O’Regan 

Valerie O’Regan is a visual artist and maker living and working in Innellan, Dunoon. 

Valerie creates prints for natural dyes and techniques that have been shown in Australia and Japan. As well as prints Valerie also sells porcelain and sterling silver bespoke jewellery inspired by the coastline and botanical foraging around my studio in South Cowal.

You can purchase Valerie’s work at enquiring at www.valoregan.com



Sea Tree Ceramics

Sea Tree Ceramics is run by Chris and Michaela, who work together to create unique pieces of pottery. Each piece incorporates poetry, sketches and textures that reflect Argyll's beautiful coastline and hills. 

All their ceramics are hand-built with stoneware clay to create one-off pieces, but ones that are recognisable Sea Tree.

Work on sale online ranges from £10 - £100.
You can purchase Sea Tree Ceramics work at https://seatreeargyll.com/seatree-shop/



Moira Ferguson

Moira Ferguson is a ceramicist living near Holy Loch. Her sculptural work is inspired by Standing Stones and Neolithic Rock Art, found in the natural Argyll landscape.

Moira also creates plaques, masks and planters inspired by the Green Man and medieval carvings. All her work is high-fired and frost-proof. 

The range of my products varies in size from mini to large and individual free-standing items. 

Commissions are taken for specific designs related to the local environment. 

Work on sale online ranges from £10 - £100.

You can purchase Moira’s work at https://www.holylochpottery.co.uk/collections



Bobbi Vetter 

Bobbi is an Artist and Illustrator based in Oban.  Bobbi has created a variety of Colour & Make 3D figure kits featuring Scottish folk heroes, historical warriors, faeries & Scottish wildlife! The figure kits are designed (not only) to look stunning but offer opportunities for education and creative engagement to visitors to nature & heritage sites.  

Each pack contains 3 figure templates, 1 pre-coloured, ready to cut out and 2 blank readies to cut & colour instructions sheet and a contents sheet. 

Suitable for children, but they may need assistance with cutting. Each template has 2-4 pieces which slot together and require no glue. (Faeries need a little double-sided tape to attach wings).

Price £3.99/ pack.

You can contact Bobbi to purchase these items at bobbivetter@sky.com