Between The Tides Project Launch August 2023 Credit Jack Lockhart ., (1)

Between the Tides Project Launch!

At the beginning of August,  Jack Lockhart and Screen Argyll officially launched their project Between the Tides with events at The Hynish Centre; find out what they got up to!

“We had a great two days at our new space in Hynish, launching our project Between the Tides, which will be going on until December. As well as our drop-in session, we ran a sand art workshop on the beach, an animation workshop, a creative catch up and a screening of Five Children and It!

Our project explores the coastal landscape, the high water and low water marks, the beach, its patterns, rock pools and more. We are examining how the tides mark the passing of time and how they define our islands with landscapes that expand and contract twice daily. We are exploring this through workshops that engage the whole community and through collecting stories; the end result will be a film made by our lead artist Jack Lockhart.

Many thanks to all that came and participated, especially to T. J Milne and Richard Cooke from the Tiree Coastguard Team, they told us more about the work they do to keep people safe on the coast and shared with us stories and information on the tides.


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Stone balancing

How high can you go? What shapes can you make?


Pebble Faces

Collect pale pebbles and, with a pencil, draw eyes, noses and mouths separately to create faces.


Beach Pictures

What pictures can you make with the sand and found beach objects? Use a stick or spade like a pencil to draw on the sand. Can you create a landscape, a townscape or something futuristic? Give your masterpiece its own frame!


Sand Silhouettes

Draw around someone lying on the sand and then give them their features and design their outfit!


Mosaics and Patterns

Use found objects or draw with tools or sticks to create patterns in the sand.


Funny Feet

Get into pairs, one person is the model (with bare feet) and one the designer, the designer will create funny feet or a pair of shoes by burying the model's feet in the sand and building a sculpture around them.


Our next event as part of this project will be the weekend of the 30 and 1 of October, where Jim Parkyn from Aardman and Alasdair Satchel will be back on Tiree to do some sessions, along with Brodie Sim, Jack Lockhart and Jen Skinner. Before then, we have our film festival to look forward to! Sea Change opens on the 22 of September, you can buy tickets from here:

We will be using Hynish for regular film screenings and workshops for all ages; more details to come soon!”


Jen Skinner and Jack Lockhart 


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Images: Credit Jack Lockhart