Kilmartin Glen Spirits


We are Louise & Greig MacPhail, founders of Kilmartin Glen Spirits. We have had a passion for Gin for many years. The MacPhail family has had roots in Kilmartin village for over 100 years, we wanted to create a legacy for the MacPhail generations to come within Kilmartin Glen and it made sense to combine our passion for Gin, our history, the abundance of botanicals and history of craft spanning 5000 years on our doorstep. Having had limited experience in distilling but a passion to learn we have partnered with the best crafts people in to learn and grow from.

Our aim is to have our own micro distillery in Kilmartin Glen as soon as we can. We feel that this special little area in Argyll which is soaked in an abundance of historical significance is worthy of a sustainable, honest, and ethical Distillery of its very own. We will strive to achieve a new landmark that the communities around it will be proud to support and in turn support our communities.

My Showcase

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