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Aska Marzec



Hi, my name is Aska and I come from Poland. Been living in Scotland 17 years now on the stunning Island of Mull in Tobermory and loving it lots! Sharing my time between being a mum, working in home care and aw course my love of painting nature!

Sharing what I love and am inspired by makes me happy. Through my artwork, I try and express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world. I look for ways to capture this beautiful and fleeting moment I have the honour to witness for that split second. It is a joy seeing people happy when looking at my artwork. They have been to the same places and enjoyed the same moment of seeing sunbeams through the clouds. Through my work, I want to cherish their memories of these places and bring them happiness. My paintings have bright colours and are filled with light helping to create a calm and uplifting atmosphere in your home. My beach seascapes with their gently rolling waves lapping on the shore create coastal-inspired art d├ęcor for your living room. I have developed mesmerising resin seascapes, creating 3D effects and depth using layers of resin. Recently I have been creating Floral Art Coasters and personalised resin letters inspired by the variety of Isle of Mull wildflowers. I also produce Abstract art
> inspired by the forms and shapes found in nature.

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