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Tinkering with Textile Art

Posted by Helensburgh Art Hub


West Loch Lomond and Clyde Sea


04/04/2020 10:30 - 04/04/2020 12:30


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Sewing and stitching isn’t always about being precise and perfect.

The sewing police won’t be checking in so there are no rules for this workshop - you can use textiles and thread (and even things that aren’t textiles or thread) in any way you like, to create a piece of textile art to take home.

I’ll be there to provide some inspiration, some tips to get you started and to guide you with some of the stitches and techniques I use.

Absolutely no sewing skills necessary!

A range of materials will be provided, but feel free to bring along anything you might like to work with.

Taking this class is Sharon from Sew Silly Lily, a graduate of Glasgow School or Art with a lifelong passion for textiles, craft and design.

Helensburgh Art Hub, 77 West Clyde St, helensburgh, g848BB,

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