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“The Islets of Silence” by Isobel Barrett

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15/10/2021 19:30


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£13.52 – £15.68

Life and health are a Lottery. It’s the theme within the play written by Isobel Barrett, Director of Glasgow-based theatre production company Tram Direct.

Isobel has written this play from the heart as she lost her husband to this silent killer after only 3 weeks. It centres around the Gourley family, who are dealing with everyday situations most of us recognise. Parenting, teenagers, growing up, school, work, hopes, dreams, plans for the future, friendships – relationships.

Then life throws a grenade. A pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Everything changes and each family member has to deal with the situation in their own way, for surely there is always hope?

Whilst the topic is tough, the play is heart-warming and full of humour. The play will be performed at the Birnam Arts Centre Perth on Friday 8th October at 7.30.

This production is funded by Pancreatic Action Scotland and Culture and Business Fund Scotland and will be touring throughout September and October. For further info contact

Victoria Hall, Sinclair Street, Helensburgh, G84 8TU,

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