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Street Flora

Posted by CHARTS


26/06/2021 14:00


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The Oban Street Flora project was inspired by the Eco-Creative Cluster online Conversation with Fernanda Mascarenhas and particularly her description of using the plants which grow in cracks in the pavements of her city, we will use plants which grow spontaneously in the streets of or town. We will celebrate and value the ‘weeds’ that are mostly an un-noticed and often unwanted part of our everyday surroundings.

At the workshop you will learn the tatakizome (hammering) technique to transfer colour directly from plants to cotton fabric. You can create up to three panels. We hope that you will donate one (or more) of your panels to be stitched together with other people’s panels to make a banner to be hung in The Rockfield Centre

The artists who have taken part in the Eco-Creative Cluster Artists’ Conversations series will also be invited to contribute a panel for the banner, created using the same technique with street plants from their own location.

Social distancing will be in place. Please adhere to current COVID-19 restrictions.

The Rockfield Centre Shelter, Oban,

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