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19/04/2024 18:00 - 05/05/2024 16:00


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PLEASE LEAVE A LIGHT ON A new and exciting exhibition is coming to Dunoon Burgh Hall on 19th April to 5th May this year. The exhibition is by Artists in Motion (AiM a pan European organisation based in France) Artists from across Europe, Switzerland, Greece, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Scotland will come together in Dunoon Burgh Hall to exhibit their interpretations of the meaning of light. The exhibition will be opened by MP Alyn Smith, the title of the exhibition was influenced by Alyn, who was an MEP (Member of the European Parliament) when against Scotland’s collective will, Brexit declared our exit from the EU. And so it was we were cast adrift on the high seas, lost souls on the edge of Europe. AiM members and creatives throughout Europe were outraged at our situation and with warm hearts they reached out with support, culminating in this exhibition. Alyn Smith “While I’m proudly Scottish, I’m also proudly European” In 2019 he gave a parting speech to the European Parliament where he said, “We celebrate international solidarity and freedom of movement. If the European Union didn't exist, we would have to invent something like this, and Scotland would be part of it." He concluded by saying: “Dear colleagues, I am not asking you to resolve our internal discussions. I ask you to leave a light on so we can find our way home." The European based artist group AiM organized two consecutive art exhibitions to commemorate a culturally independent Scotland in the heart of Europe. Exhibition 1. 2023 - “WE'LL LEAVE A LIGHT ON” was held in Galerie CIARUS in Strasbourg, the political center of Europe, which successfully raised the profile of Scotland in Europe. Exhibition 2. 2024 - “PLEASE LEAVE A LIGHT ON” Dunoon Burgh Hall in Dunoon, Scotland. Artists in Motion’s Dunoon exhibition will create work which will prompt discussion and inner soul searching, highlighting the need for light in our lives, both personally and politically, which in this world of turmoil will be well worth a visit.

Dunoon Burgh Hall, 196 Argyll St, Dunoon, DUNOON, PA23 8TA,

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