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Jordan and Skinner's Survival Workshop with Jennie Grant

Posted by Jordan and Skinner


West Loch Lomond and Clyde Sea


21/10/2022 19:00 - 21/10/2022 20:30


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Join Kew trained ethnobotanist Jennie Martin for this fun free workshop as we dive into the world of the green.

Learn about how plants work and how our relationship with them, from prehistory and into the future, make it possible for us simple bipeds (i.e. humans!) to survive and thrive.

How many of us can name the plants that sustain us with food, fibre, medicines, materials and so much more?

In a time where climate change and biodiversity loss drive our hopes and dreams to create a planet where sustainability is at the core of all we do, maybe it’s time to ask ourselves, how well we know this stunningly beautiful blue squashed sphere that we call home?

Explore the role plants play in allowing us humans to walk the earth, play, love and dance – as well as design a future that we all hope is possible.

This workshop is presented by Jordan and Skinner Theatre Company as part of The Time Machine: A Radical Feminist Retelling. Catch it at Dunoon Burgh Hall on Saturday 22 October at 7:30pm:

Dunoon Burgh Hall, 195 Argyll St, Dunoon, PA23 7DD,

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