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Join us for a walk on Sunday

Posted by CHARTS


08/11/2020 08:00



In lieu of the postponed COP26 UN Climate Conference we invite people from all over the globe to jointly walk towards rivers, lakes, seas, oceans and glaciers or a creatively staged water scene at home. The health of these bodies of water depends on us, just as we and all life on Earth depend on them.

Join us on Sunday, 8th November, individually or in groups of friends and family.
The walk could be at any time of the day and as long or short as you like, but should end when you reach a watery destination.

This water walk is a time to reflect on the importance of water for well-being and to celebrate aquatic connections across world. It could be a journey of meditation, poetry, music, togetherness or silent contemplation.

When you get there, we would like you to make a one-minute film of your river, lake, ocean or other body of water and send it to us at (weareocean.waterwalk@gmail.com) to become part of a collective artwork to be presented in 2021 at COP26 in Glasgow.


1-Turn your phone or camera to the landscape position.

2-Press to record as you walk toward a body of water.

3-You could point your camera down on your feet as you start walking and slowly pan up to show the body of water and its surroundings, showing the state of the water, its colour, living organisms, flora and fauna, ocean trash, pollution or do something completely different.

4-We would like everything to be captured in a single video of about one minute in length, so make a continuous recording and don’t worry about editing.

5-Send the video to weareocean.waterwalk@gmail.com with:
(your name)
(the location of recording)
(any other details you’d like to share)

The WE ARE OCEAN – Water Walk is created by the Ocean River Water Group of the Green Art Lab Alliance an informal, international network of art organisations contributing to environmental sustainability through their creative practice: ARTPORT_making waves, AyerAyer, Knockvologan Studies, Invisible Flock, Imago Bubo, Arte Sumapaz and Translocal