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Healing Sounds Qigong and Singing Workshop

Posted by Susan Coon


Outside of Argyll & the Isles


15/02/2020 10:00 - 15/02/2020 17:00


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It has long been known that sound vibrations have powerful effects and the Chinese have employed this knowledge in a form of Qigong (energy work) called the Six Healing Sounds. Each sound focuses on the five organs and the triple heater meridian and is accompanied by simple movements to enhance the effects of the sounds.

The morning Qigong workshop, led by Suse Coon will include work on breathing and balance before going into these Six Healing Sounds. Participants will also receive a worksheet to enable them to practise at home, should they wish.

Sue Kali is an inspiring singing workshop leader who integrates many decades of study of Indian raga, natural voice global harmony and body and breath work into an approach that enables everyone to sing from the heart and body. Her approach is very helpful for people who feel they 'cannot sing' as much as those who are more confident or even professional. The focus in the afternoon will be on healing vibration and resonance in the voice.

You can book for the whole day or just one session.

Refreshments will be provided and we welcome you to bring your own vegetarian lunch to share in the Wee Retreat. There are also local places to purchase meals and food.

The Wee Retreat, 2 Myrtle Park, , Glasgow, , G42 8UQ,

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