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Endless Place: Firth of Clyde Study. Thomas John Gavin Fine Art Photography Exhibition

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20/03/2021 12:00


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Thomas John Gavin is an artist living in Gourock who is a frequent visitor to Dunoon: 

My work seeks to produce images that help objectify an understanding of self, and self-consciousness. A sense of place, or ancestral connection in relation to the land. With place being a common constant, I think of temporal rhythms that have always existed, phases of moon, tide against shore. For this work, I considered areas that have remained relatively unchanged since, and before the first means of photographic capture in the early 19th century. As a result, I chose to explore the coast near to where I live on the Firth of Clyde. I used a kayak to discover places of interest along the shore, entering the water to set up near-view scenes of rock formations. Each of the six images looks to show a primordial view, ambiguous in tone.

Please visit my Instagram account to view Artworks from midday on Saturday the 20th of March.

Each image is a one off and forms a set of six, all artworks are framed using museum quality materials and sold under the Artists Support Pledge - please come back for a look!


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