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Eco Creative Cluster Conversations Series #003 with Fernanda Mascarenhas (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Posted by CHARTS


30/04/2021 19:00


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Join us for the third of Eco Creative Cluster's “conversations with artists” series. This series explores and connects different practitioners and practices working in specific localities with a similar focus on nature-based materials and dyeing techniques such as Ecoprinting.

Facilitated by Oban-based curator Naoko Mabon, we will be speaking to Fernanda Mascarenhas, a natural dyer and textile artist who lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Fernanda will talk about her practice exploring ancient techniques of natural dyeing with plants, which came out of her background and inspiration from performance, Japanese culture and Brazilian plants.

Fernanda’s presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session.

Fernanda Mascarenhas is a natural dyer and textile artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2016, she started research into natural dyeing to develop a costume for her performance work. This costume won a prize, which enabled her to travel to Japan to learn more about traditional ways of natural dyeing and weaving. Since then, Fernanda has been focusing on making textile art based on ancient techniques of natural dyeing with plants. Whilst a large inspiration comes from Japanese culture, the locally grown Brazilian plants are the main material and passion for Fernanda. Engaging with the slow process of natural dyeing in the urban area and time of São Paulo, she respects the generosity of nature, its cycle and changes, while intending to reclaim the lost knowledge of plants, such as their medicinal use.

Eco Creative Cluster is a project to weave a network to connect different creative practitioners and practices with a similar focus on nature-based materials and dyeing techniques such as Ecoprinting. It involves developing a Dye Garden with the lead artist Deborah Gray and local volunteers in the grounds of The Rockfield Centre, a newly refurbished cultural and heritage hub located in the heart of Oban. The fruits of the Dye Garden will create workshops such as Natural Dyeing, Ecoprinting and Shibori, led by Deborah. In parallel, with Oban-based curator Naoko Mabon, the project also aims to weave a broader network of practitioners working across localities based on ecological and sustainable approaches and consciousness, which will generate further collaborations locally, nationally and internationally. Led by The Rockfield Centre, Eco Creative Cluster is part of the CHARTS Place Makers: Micro-cluster Networks programme, in partnership with the Innovation School at Glasgow School of Art, funded by Creative Scotland.


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