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Driving Innovation, Growth, Finance and Efficiencies Through Crowd Engagement

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12/04/2023 14:00 - 12/04/2023 15:00


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The crowd economy presents transformational opportunities for businesses, projects, organisations and networks. Difficult challenges faced by many businesses can be broken through by engaging the crowd. 

How can we be more innovative and develop offerings the market wants? How can we grow and scale more quickly? How can we find the finance we need to move to the next stage of growing the businesses? How can we free up time to do more of the things we can make a difference in?  

    • Driving innovation through crowdsourcing and open innovation models can accelerate the pace at which new products and service offerings can be brought to market.  
    • Engaging the crowd to drive growth can broaden reach and bring significant benefits- even with limited investment.  
    • Opening access to finance through the crowd can be quick and attract patient novel finance as part of your funding strategy.  
  • Finding efficiencies through the use of the crowd can free you up to concentrate on the areas of business where you excel.  

By considering the crowd-based opportunities through the four lenses of Innovation, Growth, Finance and Efficiencies, we will demonstrate practical approaches illustrated with examples and case studies to open your thinking on how you can build your business using these techniques.  

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