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Conversations Through a Whale

Posted by Mhairi Killin


Outside of Argyll & the Isles


18/08/2023 19:00 - 18/08/2023 20:00


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Conversations Through a Whale, will present the project On Sonorous Seas to the Bragar community on Lewis, in the form of a talk by lead project artist Mhairi Killin. 

There will be an opportunity for discussion on the topics raised by the project - the power of, and reliance on, sound as a survival tool for whales and the military, and the complex relationship between the militarisation of Scotland's seas and their existing ecosystems. In 2018, a whale carcass wased ashore at Bragar - one of 118 Cuvier's Beaked whales, who died in the 2018 mortality event believed to be linked to military activity. Artefacts from the Bragar whale became a focal point of the On Sonorous Ses project. Mhairi will travel to Bragar in August with the whale skull that was part of the On Sonorous Seas exhibition and install it at Grinneabhat for the duration of her 10 day residency. Mhairi is bringing the Bragar whale 'home', not least because of the village's long association with whales and their remains, but also as a powerful, totemic object.

Mhairi will be in residency at Grinnebhat for 10 days, with a further open studio event on Friday, 25th August.

Grinneabhat, North, Bragar,, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9DA,

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