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Celtic Colours

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05/02/2023 16:41 - 02/04/2023 17:00


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Focusing on nature-based materials and natural dyeing techniques, this exhibition explores the parallels between indigenous language and the craft of making colours.

The exhibition presents the slow process and fascinating result of various collaborative artworks by lead artists Deborah Gray and Thomas Keyes, which use the Celtic Tree Alphabet, connected to the Ogham alphabet and Old Irish language (a precursor of Gaelic), as an inspiration. The show also draws from international artists from across the globe, who share their heritage of natural colour production and how it is developing today to inform more environmentally and socially conscious creative practices.


Sunday 5 February - Sunday 2 April

Rockfeild Centre Silver Birch Gallery

Open daily 10am-4pm


To find out more about the artist involved in this project visit The Rockfield Centre 

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