Calman Nan Loch The Dove Of Lochs
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Calman nan Loch - The Dove of Lochs

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21/09/2023 17:30 - 21/09/2023 18:30


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This award-winning 30-minute documentary, followed by a Q & A charts an artist's 15-year friendship with a Gaelic-speaking community in the Outer Hebrides. The haunting sound of the Gaelic psalms, the elegant traditional boats and interviews with elders in the community carry us on a journey of love, loss and faith, all underpinned by their ‘dùthchas’ which encompasses the cultural riches of the Gaelic world.

The film is in Scottish Gaelic with an opening and closing voiceover in the narrator’s native Irish Gaelic. Subtitles in English throughout.

The in - conversation part of the evening will be between Déirdre Ní Mhathúna and Ann Paterson.

Ann is a native Gaelic speaker from Lewis and has been involved in the Gaelic community in Edinburgh for over 30 years. She currently leads on the Capital Gaelic project.

Déirdre Ní Mhathúna is an Irish artist whose home is in Edinburgh. The Gaelic languages of Ireland and Scotland sit at the heart of her socially-engaged art practice and are also a key part of her developing film work.


This event will take place on-site at the National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.


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