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Book Folded Vase with Papercraft Flowers | Michelle Hartopp

Posted by Helensburgh Art Hub


West Loch Lomond and Clyde Sea


29/03/2020 13:00 - 29/03/2020 15:00


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Learn to make beautiful decorations with your old/ unused books!

All you need is a small 100-ish page book and as much creativity you can bring! We will be folding each page accurately to make a 3D model from the book which when completed replicates a vase with paper-crafted flowers inside. This is a surprisingly addictive hobby and very easy to get in to! If you have a bank card you can also use it to make more crisp folds.

Helensburgh Art Hub, 77 West Clyde St, helensburgh, g848BB,

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