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Archaeology, Art and Prehistoric Rock Art in Kilmartin Glen | Community Archaeology Project

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15/02/2024 10:00 - 16/02/2024 16:00
Join Archaeology Scotland for fieldwork that will revolve around the pXRF pigment analysis of Kilmartin Museums' collections and of in-situ Prehistoric rock art motifs uncovered during excavations in September 2023.
This workshop will run over two days.
On the 15th of February we will be re-opening and extending a small trench over Trench 4 at Site 2 in order to re-expose the newly discovered motifs, and any further covered motifs. We will record these motifs through photography and digital modelling. We will then visit the team at the museum to get an introduction to the scientific analysis and techniques. 
On the 16th we will be on-site in the morning for final preparations to the rock surface before the analysis takes place. This will be the first time that this analysis has been done on rock art in the Kilmartin Glen area and only the second time it has been tried in the UK, so it's a very exciting and pioneering piece of fieldwork. We will then be finalising some other pieces of recording and we will hopefully have the chance to run an activity looking at pigments, creativity and interpretation of rock art. 
Please meet at the Carnasserie Castle car park (Carnasserie Castle - Google Maps) at 10am each day.
Please do be prepared to be outside in the elements for most of the day, so warm clothes and sturdy shoes.
Please do bring a packed lunch.
Registering is essential: Contact