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An Eye on the Street - the work of David Peat

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19/03/2021 10:00 - 18/04/2021 16:00


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Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of street photography by award-winning cameraman and documentary film-maker David Peat. Showcasing images from his Eye on the Street and Eye on the World series we are privileged to see work spanning his 40 year career.

In photographs taken of Glasgow communities in 1968, David creates a time capsule providing social commentary on an area being cleared of slums, representing a way of life that was diminishing through the razing of buildings and streets. Prints of many of these images are held by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

The World photographs were taken over a period of 40 years, sometimes incorporated into his working schedule as a director/cameraman but more often during holidays when he would take a few hours to seek out the perfect shot. “It`s just that wonderful moment of seeing things-yes-got it-magic!”.

These stunning photographs illustrate David`s rare talent for framing a shot and his real passion for humanity. He has captured moments in time, sympathetically and yet realistically observing them with warmth, empathy and integrity.

Dunoon Burgh Hall, 195 Argyll Street, Dunoon, PA23 7DD,

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